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    • Post a new thread using this template. Gather any evidence you have to defend yourself.   Your Steam Name: Your in-game name: Your SteamID: Why were you banned?: Why should you be unbanned? : Who banned you and for how long?: Evidence:  Tips  Following this format will help process your appeal a lot faster.  Not following this format will have your appeal take much longer or quickly rejected. Staff: If you are not the banning staff member, try not to decide on their ban appeal for them. Give them a chance to respond to them.
    • Administrating 101 This guide will be used to better yourself or be used to remind yourself of whatever you may have forgotten. This guide is not a rulebook, it's merely for those who may not know of our ways specifically. For example, buying donator mod. A bit of warning: EVERY situation is different, never assume a robotic-like way of handling something, always get every piece of information possible before taking action, this is merely an instructor to those new to this sort of thing.   Table of Contents:   Section 1 - The first day of your new position Section 2 - Common sense and proper admin conduct Section 3 - Commands and proper usage Section 4 - Permissions and Gray Areas Section 5 - Quick Tips for a fast and successful sit Section 6 - When to use command appropriately   Section 1: The first day of your new position   You've finally achieved moderator status, granted it's a trial position, so let's start from scratch.   Make sure to read the MOTD religiously, make sure you know the rules, some rules, however, aren't written. As we are more on the common sense side of things.   You've got the rules fairly worked out, now how do you enforce said rules? The best way to go about it is an example, then an explanation.   Example: Someone RDM's in spawn a freshly spawned player who just joined the server.   How to handle it:   First, let's explore what you do when you didn't witness it:   The RDM'd player calls for an admin in @ chat, so you bring the player to the sit room (section on commands will be handled below). Then the offender (do not freeze them unless they're mass RDM'ing). Ask the offender why he RDM'd the victim. Several things can be said after this statement, they can say “Oh I'm new” or “It was fun”, etc... Now that he stated the reason why (or didn't from refusing to cooperate), you try to flesh out the details and check the logs to make sure of several things: Did the victim threaten the offenders' life in any way via text? What's the victim's side of the story? Is the offender new to the server or aware of what rules he/she broke? Did said person break NLR as it was a Revenge RDM? These help ensure you are at minimum 95% sure of your final verdict on the situation. If the person really did just do it for fun, a warn/jail is sufficient for first-time offense, if they're new, mistakes happen, just warn them to be more careful and inform them of the rule. Be sure to ALWAYS get both sides of the story!   Second, let's explore what you do when you DID witness it:   This makes things quicker because you literally just saw what happened. Take the offender to the sit, ask them why they did what they did. You're basically cutting out the middle-man here, but you still need to check the logs and such to make sure everything is correct, except without having to ask the victim what happened. Be sure to ALWAYS get both sides of the story!   Summary: The above broke two rules: Killing in spawn, and RDM. Did it matter the class? No. If they were warned previously about these two rules and were legitimately warned for it, you can jail them. If they weren't, give them a warning and let bygones-be-bygones, returning them to their RP.   Section 2: Common sense and proper admin conduct   Common sense is not something that can be taught easily, there are things that can help you understand it,  or think with more common sense, however you have to teach yourself how to do so at all times. The type of common sense we're talking about is for administrating only, no need for IRL common sense. Anyway let's begin with a few points for “guidelines” of common sense in administrating:   Okay so let's assume we're doing a sit, they broke a rule and you know it.   1. Is the rule broken a serious one? 2. Does the victim care? 3. Is the victim laughing about it or angry about it? 4. Did the problem affect anyone else?   The point we're trying to make with this is two-fold: If they RDM'd another player, but said RDM'd player didn't call a sit or care. Just let it go. No point in administrating a situation that isn't a problem. Secondly: A player is intentionally breaking a rule in order to do a roleplay that has several members involved, but is not hurting anyone. It isn't a problem.   The gist of what we stated? If it promotes good role-play and no one complains/has a problem with it, then let it slide unless it has the potential to cause serious problems. Common sense.   Now for admin conduct. “Hey dude, how do I be a good staff member? People just get angry with me in my sit and don't cooperate!” Well, that's probably because you're a dick. Wanna change that? Here are a few quick tips for how we handle ourselves to be nicer and ensure people wanna play on our server because of our outstanding staff team.   1. Don't accuse in a negative way. How? “Hey man, player 1 is claiming RDM against you, player 2. Would you mind telling me the reason why you killed him?” 2. State why the offender is there first, don't leave them hanging and confused. 3. Try to follow a Warn/Jail/Ban format, sometimes this can be passed onto a Warn/Ban system, but try to keep it W/J/B. This is also something that needs to start being used, our current staff jumps from a warn to a ban, we need to try jailing as it makes the player more aware when they can’t do anything, and jail the user somewhere secluded so that he cannot speak with anyone else, therefore feeling isolated and willing to change his or her attitude. 4. Listen to both sides of the story. Who knows maybe the victim broke a rule themselves? 5. Professionalism is key. Stay on topic, don't be rude, and be helpful.   Admin conduct towards fellow staff.   1. Do not "staff" others of your same rank, bring it to a higher ranking staff member. If none are on, grab proof of either rule breaking or abuse, and post it on forums or PM an Admin. 2. Do not argue with each other. 3. Listen to higher ranking staff, they are the ones who will be able to provide the most assistance.   Section 3: Commands and proper usage So you've obtained your new rank. There are two ways to administrate: you can either use commands via typing with an exclamation mark and filling out the rest, such as !kick “player” “reason" (excluding the quotations). Or you can use !menu, whichever you prefer.   Common sense has a big role in this section as well. When should I use a command? Is it appropriate to the situation? These questions shall be answered below. So someone had killed another player, said player claimed RDM. A mod !freeze's said player and then goes to a rooftop to get to a sit location and !tp’s the two players to said location. The mod did one thing notably wrong that could cause a problem: He froze the player that RDM'd.   Why is that a problem? Well, it's been known throughout time to many staff members that for some reason players tend to get more aggressive when suddenly they can no longer move, they get upset. Even one instance where a player thought his game froze so he shut it down, which 'caused him to get banned for an extended period of time even when he tried to reconnect shortly after.   The only time the person would've needed to have been frozen is if the offender went on a Mass RDM spree. That's when it's appropriate to freeze, or even if the person in the sit room is constantly running around and won't stay put despite your best efforts to get him to do so. But even in a situation like this, it's always best to jail rather than freeze, that way the user knows their client isn't broken.   These are just one of many examples of things that can occur on the server, it is your job as staff to stay resolute and on-top-of-things. We're not asking you to be perfect, just good. If you feel you're getting upset at any situation, take a step back and ask for someone else to handle it. If no one else is on take a deep breath, and regain your focus.   Section 4: Permissions and Gray Areas   This section will go over what you do when you encounter "gray area rule breaking", and when/where you need permissions to ban above your allowed max time.   Okay, so gray areas are defined as more of a "fine line" if you will. Say someone broke a rule, but a technicality in said rule makes it alright for it to happen. Like a loophole. I will not explore an example of this as they are on a case-by-case basis and can change at any time. However, allow me to explain this in as easy a way as possible. If a staff does something that doesn't seem right to you, but it's not written in the rules or if there is a rule that's similar but it's slightly different compared to what they're doing: Ask a higher up about what you should do, if no one is on, ask yourself these two questions. Are what they doing explicitly and without a doubt breaking a rule? Is it a problem to anyone currently on the server, or has anyone complained about it? If you answered no to both of these, let it go. If you answered yes to either of these, ask them to stop/remove whatever it is they're doing and explain to them simply that there's been a complaint or it's against the rules. If you can work out a compromise, then all the power to you.   Now on to permissions. When it is okay/not okay to skip permissions, and examples of such.   Say someone Mass RDM'd. The appropriate ban time is 5 - 7 days, so you brought them to a sit asked them why they did it, they said it was fun so you banned them for 7 days as that's your maximum, but then another staff says, “Hey I just banned him for mass RDM a week ago!” Now, what do you do? Call for an Admin+ to increase the ban to permanent. How you contact them is up to you. If an Admin+ is on, ask them to ban the user and make sure this is included in the ban reason, “(Reason for the ban), extended for (Original banning staff)”.   Now let's say they're threatening to DDoS or crash the server, and then proceed to do some funky voodoo stuff, well now we have a serious problem on our hands and there's no Admin online to help, anywhere. This is where you should ban them for your max limit, then either report them on the forums or contact a higher up. Just make sure the ban reason states clearly that it was a DDOS threat or attempting to crash the server. Then contact an Admin to change the ban to permanent. Now a little thing about the "attempting to crash server" bit. Is that you have to make sure you know EXACTLY for certain that the person was trying to crash the server with whatever he/she was doing, if it was a DDoS threat, well, if you have logs of it, get it. Be sure to try your best and get proof of these things so if ever the person disputes this, we have proof and can keep them off our server.   Section 5: Quick tips to a fast and successful sit   How to quickly conduct a sit by getting to the point of the infraction and determining the variables quickly: Player 1 RDM'd and NLR'd Player 2. That's all you know so far.   1. Check console or !blogs, see if player 1 did kill player 2, and at the same time check to see if player 1 entered his NLR zone. 2. Ask player 1 "why did you kill player 2?" 3. Player 1 responds with "he killed me several times and no admins came to help" 4. Ask Player 2 "Did you kill him several times prior?" 5. Player 2 responds with "yes he kept coming back and breaking NLR." 6. Ask player 2 if he gave a text warning to leave. Player 2 says yes. 7. Check whether this is true in !blogs. 8. Check Player 1's previous warns in-case he's been warned prior for whatever reason. 9. Warn and inform Player 1 of the text warning and how he broke NLR and RDM'd. 10. Warn Player 2 to instead call an admin and not take things into his own hands. 11. Done.   How long does it take to do that sit? Approx 45 seconds granted they have mics and are responding on time. This is just an example of one situation that could easily be resolved just by asking the right questions and getting right to the point.   Section 6: When to use commands appropriately   This section will go over when it's best to use commands as a small reference guide for the trickier ones.   Freeze: For when they're mass rdming or running away/jump in sits (jail is preferred, only freeze if they continue shooting in the jail) Warn:  For when they commit a minor offense. Jail:  For when they commit a minor offense, used after a warning. Warn/Jail/Ban. Length is up to you. Max 8 mins Ban:  After having warned/jailed the offender, use this. Or if they've broken a major rule. (Mass RDM). Goto:  When someone says "Admin to me" and you need to go to them. Tp/Bring:  When taking people to a sit, or someone calls for a sit.   Admins have final say over these rules on a case-by-case basis regardless.   Have any further questions? PM a Staff Manager or the highest ranking staff member currently available.
    • Follow the format below if you wish to report a bug or an exploit.   1. Describe what the bug or exploit is:   2. How you can achieve this said bug and or exploit:   3. How game changing is it 1-10:   If you know of a bug or exploit, please make it known so we can make the server the most enjoyable place possible for all players. Nobody needs an unfair advantage here.
    • Following this format will help us process your report faster. Not following this format will have your report quickly rejected. STEP 1: Gather all the evidence/witnesses. Take screenshots and have videos ready, otherwise there's a high chance your report will not be looked at at all.  Witnesses may contribute in forms of evidence (such as screenshots or videos). We do not take your word due to the fact that people lie. Don't post to assist another player's report if you have nothing to contribute. Everyone in this server is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone has a different story to the situation so this is why we require evidence. Unless the player you're reporting has been causing a lot of problems, the report will most likely become invalid. STEP 2:  Make a new thread using this format. Your Steam Name: Your in-game name: Your SteamID: Who are you reporting? (Name, SteamID): This is REQUIRED. You can get their steam ID easily by pressing TAB in game and right clicking on their name. Why are you reporting said player?: Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help your case: Please think twice before making a report. Try to talk it out in game and come up with a solution. If you don't have full evidence that supports punishment we can't help you.  NOTE: All video evidence must contain every offense you reported said player for.
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