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    • Hi, im new to the server for two days now but i really enjoy the the DarkRP server, admins are very helpful with explaining job roles, and server doesnt seem to have much fail RP keep up the good work staff!
    • Accepted!   Congratulations Landon on being accepted to the staff team. Although I have not seen you in game as frequently as I would like to, your previous experience and well written staff application leads me to believe you will be a great addition to the team! Congratulations once again   Please contact me on discord for further info juice#0886 -Staff Manager Trevon
    • +1 Good application he was Senior Mod on oblivion RP which I was staff manager on so I know he doesn’t abuse/knows how to handle with sits.
    • 1.) What is your in-game name along with your SteamID? Landon, STEAM_0:0:498626779 2.) How long have you been playing on the server? (Don't lie, this CAN and WILL be checked.) I've been playing on Xerus for about 3 or 4 days and I'm looking forward into putting more time on the server. 3.) How old are you? (We are only looking for mature players to become part of our team, if you wouldn't describe yourself as that, you probably shouldn't apply.) I am 14 at the moment, I will be turning 15 in a couple months and I'm very Mature and not childish when it comes to serious matters.   4.) Do you have previous experience? If so, please describe how much you have and what your priorities were when you were staff. I was owner on a low pop server, I was Head Moderator/Senior Moderator on Oblivion RP, and I was Mod on Arctic RP, and I've been a Trial-Mod on Several Different servers. DM me on discord for proof.  5.) Approximate time you can allocate to the server per day/week: I can put in at least 3 hours a day if not more and I can put in about 24 hours a week. 6.) Have you ever been banned on this server? If so, please provide the ban details (who banned you, length, reason, etc.) No 7.) Did any current staff members refer you to apply? If so name them below. (These will all be confirmed. If caught lying about referrals, your application will instantly be denied.) Yes, Nvidiator. 8.) In 150 words or more please tell us why we should pick you over other candidates? You should accept me over other applicants because I'm mature, I have experience playing Gmod and being staff, I believe I can make sure the players have a good experience on the server, I have patients, I'm very efficient with dealing with problems, I also think I could make the server a better place. I can also deal with sits well, I also have immense training staffing and moderating servers. I have been in every rank on a countless amount of servers, though none very large I excelled in my duties and was often promoted quickly. One notable server I have moderated on was that of Oblivion. I understand server rules and how to be professional in a staff setting to help another player and make their experience better, which in the end helps the server. I believe I possess the skills and experience needed to become a staff member in this community. I am a very active player and respectful to others. I have good experience with ULX, I know enough about DarkRP, I will be active and I will be more as a staff job more than other jobs in darkrp, I will be quick for someone in need. 9.) In 150 words or more please tell us what you could bring to the server if accepted to the staff team. I will be more as a staff job more than other jobs in darkrp, I have a basic knowledge of the ULX commands system, I have had lots of training and experience dealing with being a staff member, I understand server rules, I have patients, I'm very Mature, I am quick to solving problems and I'm not stingy, I will be active every day making sure the server is running smoothly, I have the skills and experience needed to become a staff member in this community. I also think I make the server better and overall a more fun community I will be quick for someone in need, I excelled in my duties and was often promoted quickly. I also am very good at dealing with certain situations at different times. I am also starting to get more and more familiar with the players on the server which can make problems a lot easier 10.) In 150 words or more please describe what personally makes a server great. Good staff, fun Sever, Good rules And just how everything is running in general. (btw not so sure how I'm supposed to get to 150 words on this)   
    • +1 Seen him on the server every time I'm on. All through out good personality and experiences. Seems like a good person to have on the team.
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