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  1. Many of you may have seen or met me in game! Don't hesitate to say hello, I am actually a very chill guy once you get to know me. I hope to see you all online! Thanks for choosing Xerus Networks. Come as friends, leave as family.
  2. You are required to meet all expectations within the questions provided below if you wish to have a chance to become a staff member. If you do not meet all requirements your application will instantly be denied and you will be told to apply again in 1 week. Take time on your application, rushed applications will get you a lower chance than a good quality one. 1.) What is your in-game name along with your SteamID? 2.) How long have you been playing on the server? (Don't lie, this CAN and WILL be checked.) 3.) How old are you? (We are only looking for mature p
  3. This is the list of rules you're expected to follow whilst playing on the server. Failure in doing so may result in a compromise of your access to the server. Brief explanations of the different terms used in this list--such as RDM, NLR, and OOC--may be found at the bottom if you're interested. When playing a class, you're expected to abide by the rules specific for that class. GENERAL RULES 1.) Use common sense. Trying to bend or exploit the rules will result in you being dealt with accordingly. You have been warned. 2.) If a staff member is online, you may NOT issue vo
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