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  1. Post a new thread using this template. Gather any evidence you have to defend yourself. Your Steam Name: Your in-game name: Your SteamID: Why were you banned?: Why should you be unbanned? : Who banned you and for how long?: Evidence: Tips Following this format will help process your appeal a lot faster. Not following this format will have your appeal take much longer or quickly rejected. Staff: If you are not the banning staff member, try not to decide on their ban appeal for them. Give them a chance to respond to them.
  2. Administrating 101 This guide will be used to better yourself or be used to remind yourself of whatever you may have forgotten. This guide is not a rulebook, it's merely for those who may not know of our ways specifically. For example, buying donator mod. A bit of warning: EVERY situation is different, never assume a robotic-like way of handling something, always get every piece of information possible before taking action, this is merely an instructor to those new to this sort of thing. Table of Contents: Section 1 - The first day of your new position Se
  3. Follow the format below if you wish to report a bug or an exploit. 1. Describe what the bug or exploit is: 2. How you can achieve this said bug and or exploit: 3. How game changing is it 1-10: If you know of a bug or exploit, please make it known so we can make the server the most enjoyable place possible for all players. Nobody needs an unfair advantage here.
  4. Following this format will help us process your report faster. Not following this format will have your report quickly rejected. STEP 1: Gather all the evidence/witnesses. Take screenshots and have videos ready, otherwise there's a high chance your report will not be looked at at all. Witnesses may contribute in forms of evidence (such as screenshots or videos). We do not take your word due to the fact that people lie. Don't post to assist another player's report if you have nothing to contribute. Everyone in this server is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone has a different story to
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